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About Mitla Tortilla Company

Mitla Tortilla Company (pronounced meet-lah) is a wholesale tortilla company in Savannah, GA. We make Corn and Flour-Based Tortillas using organic & non-GMO ingredients with no preservatives. All tortillas are vegan and corn is gluten free. Our tortillas are also Soy Free & Artificial Flavor Free. Find Mitla tortillas in the refrigerated section at stores, farmers markets and on menus at restaurants. 

The company name was inspired by a ruin outside of Oaxaca called Mitla, the second most important archeological site in Mexico. The ruin's walls are adorned with intricate geometric patterns, which was incorporated into our logo.


About The Owners

Grace and Cliff Newland always dreamed of creating their own food product, but they had no their 2013 anniversary trip to Mexico would inspire Mitla Tortilleria. While in a local’s home in Chiapas, Grace experienced the first corn tortilla she ever liked—it had a strong corn flavor and was very pliable. These tortillas were made using an ancient cooking process called nixtamalization where dry corn is cooked in lime and ground into fresh masa. While in Oaxaca, the Newlands also enjoyed fresh flour tortillas that were thin, crispy and unlike anything they’d had before. They returned home to Charleston, SC to their jobs in wholesale food production (Cliff) and public relations/marketing (Grace) with fond memories of authentic tortillas.


Fast forward to March 2015—Grace left the PR world and founded Mitla Tortilla Company, a wholesale tortilla company combining traditional cooking methods and simple, organic ingredients. She established a loyal following at Lowcountry farmers markets then opened wholesale shop in West Ashley and began selling to restaurants, food trucks, caterers, stores and others! All Mitla products received Organic Certification in 2017. A graduate of Johnson & Wales, Cliff joined the company full-time in May 2017 and brings more than 20 years of F&B experience to the family business.

Mitla relocated to Savannah, GA in November 2019 to increase production and expand within the Southeast. 

Grace a Mitla ruins
Cliff at Mitla ruins
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