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Yellow/White Corn Tortillas












We make Nixtamal Corn Tortillas using an ancient cooking process called nixtamalization, which starts with US-grown organic corn. Nixtamal corn tortillas have a strong corn flavor and are much more pliable than a typical corn tortilla. These gluten-free* & vegan tortillas are perfect for tacos, taquitos, enchiladas and chips. 

corn front 2020.jpg

Flour Tortillas
















Our flour tortillas consist of only five ingredients: organic flour (unbleached, unbromated), organic high-oleic sunflower oil, filtered water, baking powder (non-gmo, aluminum free) and sea salt. These partially cooked flour tortillas puff when heated. Flour Tortillas are vegan and soy free. 

Blue Corn Tortillas




















Our Blue Corn Tortillas are made using the same ancient cooking process but has a stronger, nuttier flavor. Blue Corn Tortillas are ideal for chips and tostadas because they contain less starch and fry/bake a little softer.

FlourSmall Front-9723_edited.jpg
BlueCornSmall Front-9711_edited_edited.j

Want more info? View our Nutritional Facts and Cooking/Freezing Tips.


Find Mitla tortillas at stores, farmers markets and restaurants. Interested in purchasing wholesale? Check out our Wholesale page for info.

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